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About The Company

Sunny Harris Enterprises, Inc. (SHE) published Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide in print formSHElogo from 1989-2001--the only Financial Yellow Pages.  Now published only on the website,  the eclectic magazine is both editorial and resource guide.  

In 1994 SHE began work on its flagship internet site, The Money Mentor, and by 1995 was well established as one of the premier financial sites on the Internet.


About Sunny J. Harris

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Sunny J. HarrisSunny J. Harris, BA, MS and PhD Mathematics, founder and president of Sunny Harris Enterprises, Inc., is a professional S&P, US-Bonds, QQQ, Forex, E-Mini and High-Velocity Stocks trader. 

Since retiring from ISSCO (her immensely successful computer graphics software firm, originators of Harvard Graphics) in 1981 she has traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, metals, real estate, options, and futures. Sunny has been often in the media, including print, TV and radio.  (See Below for More.)

Sunny published Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide (TC&RG) from 1989 to 2001, she sponsors The Money Mentor on the Internet, and creates indicators for numerous software programs and helps traders put their trading strategies into TradeStation, MetaStock, TC2000 and eSignal; in addition Sunny was rated #1 trader in the under $10 million category by Stark Research, achieving 365% profit in 1994 and 178% in 1995.

t101.jpg (4960 bytes)Harris' first book Trading 101 - How to Trade Like a Pro was released int102.jpg (4683 bytes) July 1996 by John Wiley & Sons. It's first printing sold out within two weeks, and is still a best-selling financial book. Dr. Harris' second book Trading 102 - Getting Down to Business was released in October, 1998, and is also a best-seller.   Her third book, Electronic Day Trading 101, was released early 2000 and is in its second printing.  Harris' fourth book is Getting Started in Trading, which is part of the John Wiley "Getting Started" series.

Her most challenging work, so far, is the new TradeStation Made Easy!, was completed in July 2010 and isTSME due to be released by John Wiley & Sons in April 2011.  In it she explains and demonstrates each and every step from getting TradeStation running to programming and testing your own systems.  Sunny leads you one step at a time through learning EasyLanguage and developing profitable trading systems.

Sunny is currently working on one more book project for John Wiley and Sons: Grading the Gurus - Trading Systems Exposed!.  In this work she will interview famous system traders, reveal their systems, and show how she tests for robustness and veracity. Each guru's system will be compared to each other and to the benchmark.

Additionally, Sunny mentors a small, select group of traders, and gives an outstanding hands-on seminar three or four times a year.

For media purposes, we have included a Hi-Res Photo of Sunny for download.

And if you have met Sunny, you will appreciate Pewter (the purse dog), who sadly, and suddenly, died in 2004 after travelling many years with Sunny:
Media Appearances

Click Here to view some of her future & past appearances.

    • Regular Guest of Richard Saxton at FNN (Financial News Network) Channel 22 for more than 8 years
    • Regular Guest of Richard Saxton at KWHY The Business Channel Los Angeles Channel 22 for more than 8 years
  • RADIO:
    • Interview in Wall Street Journal Radio Network
    • Guest of Mark Leibovit on Nationally Syndicated Radio program VRTrader (one of Louis Ruykeiser's elves)
    • Guest of Carl Swenlin's Decision Point on Nationally Syndicated Radio and Web programs
    • Regular Guest of Ike Iossif's Aegean Capital Management's MarketViews
    • Frequent Guest of INO.com
    • Guest lecturer of Quote.com University
  • Clips and Quotes from Other Sources:
    • Quoted heavily in Rodale's Money--How to Live Rich on Any Income
    • Regularly used as a resource by Terry Savage of the Savage Truth
Live Appearances
  • Numerous 3-Day Seminars and Lectures throughout the United States, Australia & Austria.
  • Lectures to dozens of TradeStation, MetaStock & eSignal users' groups throughout the United States
  • Twice an invited lecturer to the prestigious Market Technicians Association (MTA) in New York and Los Angeles
  • Invited lecturer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in Chicago
Books by Sunny
  • Trading 101--How to Trade Like a Pro
  • Trading 102--Getting Down to Business
  • Electronic Day Trading 101
  • Getting Started in Trading (part of the Wiley "Getting Started" series)
  • Going Vegan! (with Linda Blair)
  • TradeStation Made Easy! (2011)
  • Grading the Gurus (2015)
  • ...see comprehensive Book List
  • Futures Magazine
  • Active Trader magazine
  • Ticker Tape Publishing
  • ... lots more [click here]
  • Trading 102--The Business of Trading (by Futures Magazine)
  • Trading 101--Starting Your Trading Program (by Futures Magazine)
Products & Services 

3 intense days, small class, each student has a computer.  We will be using TradeStation, Genesis Navigator, MultiCharts, MetaStock, TC2000, Pattern Smasher and  eSignal, as well as Microsoft Excel as learning tools.  Don't worry if you don't know these programs yet, that's part of what Sunny will be teaching you.

Private Consulting and Mentoring

$495/hr ($7,815 for 10 hours) call (760) 908-3070. Click here to purchase.

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