After Greenspan
by Phil Flynn - Alaron

What an era this has been. We've gone through one cycle and now on to the next! We're in a new era for the futures and commodity markets. Is this finally our new bull?

There are many different investment arenas and they go through cycles like all things under the sun. An 18 year era is coming to an end and we wish the Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, a happy and well deserved retirement. His reign as the Fed Chairman has been much loved by stock traders. This is one investment era that will be sorely missed by many. Alan Greenspan's phenomenal reign as Fed Chairman will forever be remembered as an era when stocks seemed to have no bounds and the sky was the limit. Even his first big challenge as Federal Reserve Chairman when the stock market crashed in 1987 now looks like a tiny little blip huge bull market chart.

Alan Greenspan, "the maestro", waved his magic rate wand and the markets played the perfect symphony. Mr. Greenspan tapped the ground, set the tempo and raised the baton and the stock market sprung forth from the depths of the '87 crash. So commenced the era of the go-go '90s! The world wide economy and stock traders all greatly benefited from his leadership and wisdom. He was the proverbial dragon slayer of inflation as he held the power of US monetary policy in his hand! Even when he warned us of irrational exuberance we somehow knew that as long as Alan Greenspan was in charge, the party was far from over. His influence guided us through some dark days. Stock market crashes, multiple financial crises world wide, terrorist attacks, war and peace. And through it all the US and world economies survived and thrived.


Phil Flynn is Vice President, Energy Analyst and General Market Analyst with Alaron Futures and Options. Phil is one of the world’s leading energy market analysts, providing individual investors, professional traders and institutions with up-to-the-minute investment and risk management insight into global petroleum, gasoline and energy markets. Phil’s market commentary, fundamental and technical analysis, and long-term forecasts are sought by industry executives, investors and media worldwide.