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Getting Started

Plan Your Business

Product Analysis

Skills Assessment

Personality Assessment


·         Tools vs Systems

 Basic Technical Analysis

The Road to Success Involves

  1. Develop a systematic approach
  2. Test the system before trading it
  3. Prove the system can profit
  4. Follow the system

Goal Setting

Technique#2:  Copy Success

System Design

·         Tom DeMark

·         Joe Krutsinger

·         Larry Williams

·         Jake Bernstein

·         Linda Raschke
p103 “Street Smarts”


Today the market must gap lower and not fill the gap

Over the next three trading sessions, have in place a buy stop one tick above the high of the gap-down day

If filled, place a protective sell stop at the low of the gap-down day

Protect any accrued profits with a trailing stop. 

If not filled after three trading sessions, cancel the initial buy stop. 


·         Barry Rudd
p169 “Stock Patterns for Day Trading”

High Probability Dip and Rally

5 minute bars

Consolidation at the high of the day

The narrower the range from high to low the better the trade

Buy the breakout

MOC exit


·         Joe Krutsinger
p97 “The Trading Systems Toolkit”
5-minute S&P 500

Entry {EST; V=total tick volume for the bar}

If Time > 1500 and V >45 then Sell at Low[1] stop;

If Time > 1500 and V >45 then Buy at High[1] stop;


Stop at $150 {wider if necessary}

Exit MOC


·         Larry Williams
p141 “The Definitive Guide
to Futures Trading”

High-Low Trading System (reversal)

Filter = S&P 500 * 0.0172

Round off to 1 decimal

Entry=Subtract filter from Close for short

Hold position until price moves 0.0172 from any day’s close, where you would reverse


·         Joe Ross
p114 “Trading by the Book”

The Ross Hook

In a strongly trending market, or one that is chopping around but making sharp turns and corners, whenever I see the market do the following, I immediately place a buy or sell order at what would be a continuation of the shaft of the hook.

The hook can be traded as a breakout of a one-two-three high or low

Be sure to trade in only in an established trend

Set an objective and then get out


·         Cynthia Kase
p 109 “Trading with the Odds”

Exhaustion Gaps

Late-comers speculative push in the direction of the trend

Filling the gap confirms it

Exit or short


Goal:  to Make Money

·         PHW™ Analysis

·         aka Where’s the Money?

·         Should I be trading or investing?

·         Buy & Hold

·         Calculating PHW


Sunny’s PHW Indicator ($495)

·         Don’t try to tell the market anything


Another Favorite Technique:
Look for Congestion


Study, Study, Study
Classic Technical Analysis


System Testing

CPC Index


CPC Index


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