PuttCoverIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There's a new EasyLanguage book in the making. Murray Ruggiero and I have been working together on the update of the familiar "Putt Book." This new one is called "Using EasyLanguage 9.x" and promises to be an outstanding missive on the inner workings of EasyLanguage.

The last book had lots of great hints on how to do some tricky things. Things that you think of and give up because it's too tricky to figure out. But, Murray and Putt show you how -- and the answers are much easier than you would think.

I'll put out a mass-mailing Press Release when the book is ready. It should be very soon. BUY IT; You need it.

TSMETradeStation Technologies/Securities is a software house that started out as Omega Research and initially created a product called "SystemWriter Plus." Subsequently they made "TradeStation," which has been through many, many versions and upgrades. Now the company itself is also called TradeStation.

They offer free trading software for the small price of opening (and using) your trading account with them.I have used TradeStation since about 1986 (when it was still SystemWriter). And, I swear by it. I use it every day.

I even wrote the book "TradeStation Made Easy!" as a much needed "manual" on how to use the product. It's a thick book, for an easy to use book, but it is well worth the time and effort to read.

I also have a page in MoneyMentor dedicated to the errata and charts for "TradeStation Made Easy!" Click here.

Here is what you are really looking for, the "TradeStation Made Easy!" page. Click to jump.

I will use this spot for Questions and Answers re: EasyLanguage. You start the questions and I'll start the answers. -Sunny

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