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If you had SunnyBands, you caught the crash in which we still are progressing. See Chart Below. The State of the Union address was on 1/30/18 and the crash came right after. The crash dropped 3,000 points, wiping out all the progress made since Trump was nominated.


Yahoo Book Review of TradeStation Made Easy! by Robert Weinstein

TSME"In my reading, I recently came across a wonderful book called 'TRADESTATION MADE EASY!' by Sunny J. Harris and published by Wiley. I read good things about the author and the book so I received the book with high expectations. With over 700 pages, this book is packed with great information. I started very quickly dog-earing pages for future reference, and I was doing it so often that I ended up using sticky notes to help my quickly get to pages for future use. It should be noted that this is not a beginner's book in how to setup Tradestation on your computer and logging into your account. This reference is much more with examples in the methods of getting things done once you are past the 'newbie' stage and desire getting some real work done. Harris is very clear in her writing, and it is obvious she has used the product enough to know what the average user will be thinking and experiencing."

VantagePoint software is a neural network that uses market activity and intermarket analysis to create predictions for tomorrow's high and low.

It is amazingly accurate. Click on the chart to the left to see VantagePoint's predictions (in red) as compared to the actual market activity (iin blue).

Call me if you have questions. (760) 908-3070. Or by email to

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quote"As a Day trader, Position trader or for my long term Investment trades I always have my finger of the pulse of whatever Equity I chose because price includes all market behavior and Sunny Harris’s Dynamic Moving Average provides the unshakable foundation upon which I build my future retirement. I make $130K on my day job but trading less than an hour a day using Sunny’s DMA I have more than doubled my income in 2013 adding another $150K in market profit." -Don R. Thomson (See More Quips & Quotes)

PerformanceSunny's Strategy Performance in just 3 Days of the 1-minute eMini Chart: $15,000 in just 3 days




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Hi! I'm Sunny Harris. I'm a mathematician, a real trader (full-time), and a computer programmer. I would like to help you become a better trader if you are already trading, or to become a trader if you are a novice.

I have been trading full-time for over 36 years. I started in 1981. I trade real money—my money—for a living. This is not simulated trading.

I have been educating others in how to trade, and how to program their own systems, since 1986 (31 years). I've personally taught thousands of individuals to trade—in person and via web conference, not counting readers of my books and articles. And I would like to teach you.

I have traded stocks, mutual funds, bonds, futures/commodities, metals, real-estate, and forex. I tried options, but lost money, so I don't trade options any more. I have traded short-term, long-term, day trading, swing trading and tick-by-tick. I've traded just about everything. And I can teach you how to do it.

T101 T102 EDAT I can relate to you, as I remember all my successes and failures vividly. And I write about them in my books ("Trading 101—How to Trade Like a Pro,""Trading 102—Getting Down to Business," "Electronic Day Trading 101," "Getting Started in Trading," and "TradeStation Made Easy!" and my articles in "Technical Analysis of Stocks anSTARd Commodities" magazine, "Futures" magazine, "Active Trader" magazine and others. And, I won the prestigeous STAR Award for TSME. GSIT TSME

ezlI'm also a TradeStation EasyLanguage Expert. And now I'm writing a new book called "Grading the Gurus" in which I interview noted educators and vendors, and test their trading strategies, and then reveal the results to you.

If you are new to trading, or if you want to improve your current trading skills, I would love to help you. I've tried nearly all the indicators and strategies out there, and I know what works and what doesn't.

There is no free lunch, no automated money making machine, no get-rick-quick scheme. Most new traders are looking for that. But, it doesn't exist. What is true is that you have to put in a lot of hours learning and experimenting. And I can help you minimize that time and effort. Let me teach you how to do it.

Trading is a risky business. It is not for everyone. It might not be for you. Please read this disclosure before you go any further.

If you are still interested, first take a look at the Charts of my products, and then visit the Order Form. Next, take a look at my Indicator Manual. Then browse through the Site Map of this website. After that, give me a call at (760) 908-3070 to talk in person. I'll be glad to help you.

After that, start browsing through my website. There are over 1,000 pages here. These are trading resources I have developed over the past 15 years since this website has been up. It's extensive, so get a cup of coffee before you start.

And, take a look at my free daily predictions and comments on the markets here at Sunny Side of the Street.


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Quips & Quotes

"Thank-you for your straightforward and complete treatment of the process of system development. No one else presents this so clearly. -Jamie G."

"Great book! Sunny has a real talent for explaining complex ideas in simple terms." -James W. "You have saved me so much time!" -Jim W.

"I have bought all the indicators and strategies from other vendors and none compare to Sunny's. Hers are definitely the best and the easiest to understand." -John K.


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"Sunny Side of the Street"

Last time here's what I said: "The Dow Jones is positioned to finally break through the overhead Attractor at 13,000. Of course, the long-term target is 14,000, but that will only come after some backing and forthing." And, that's exactly what is happening.

Now I am looking for ... (see Sunny Side of the Street)

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dotPRESTIGIOUS STAR Awards: Voting for this award from is drawing to a close. Last year I was the greatful recipient of their First Place award for my newest book, "TradeStation Made Easy!" I would love to win First Place again this year. Please help me by voting. It only takes a minute and means the world to me. For 2010, I won the First Place award. For 2011, I won second place! Thanks for your votes. View the awards here. Please vote again next year.



Sunny, this new strategy technique seems like taking candy from a baby.  $1,000/day simulated profit for last two days using 2 contracts.

QuoteRight-Peggy S. [Sunny's student]

Click here if you want to see more quotes; click there if you want to see what SunnyBands look like.


Wouldn't you like to be a trader, too? I'm a trader, think like a trader...

Dual SunnyBands on a 1-minute chart of the S&P eMini (TradeStation):
Give me a call (760) 908-3070 and I'll teach you how to read SunnyBands for Trading Success.

Performance Report for 3 Days Trading the eMini S&P, on 1-minute bars:

With commission of $1.20 per contract. $15,000 in 3 days is $1,300,000 per year, annualized.
Ask me about SunnyBands, and how to generate this kind of profit.

AND, it works on all timeframes. Not just 1-minute bars.
Daily, Weekly, 60-minutes, 15-minutes, anything you wish.
Here's the Daily Chart of the continuous contract:


And it works on MultiCharts: SunnyBands on Daily Russell 2000 (MultiCharts):

dot Quips & Quotes:

"I recently purchased your book (on my Kindle) TradeStation Made Easy! and wanted to send you my sincere thanks and appreciation for not making TradeStation a poor decision on my part!  I don't consider myself a genius but also don't believe I'm dimwitted either (I'm an Annapolis grad), that was until I started trying to go through the TS Manual....after 5 minutes, I began a search for a better "manual" and came across your book.  10 minutes after purchasing it, I knew I made the right decision!  The Kindle features have allowed me to move forward/backward and highlight to my content (of which, in your book, I was doing a little too much of--the entire thing became yellow!).  I still have a million questions (as I'm sure most TS beginners do!) but as I get through (and back and forward) your book, more and more of them get answered with ease!  I'll leave this email simply, again, with my deepest thanks!!" -Sean D.

"After a long losing streak, I started using SunnyBands last week and I'm already making profits! I can't tell you how happy I am I met you and got your indicators. I've had 13 winning trades in a row now!" -John K. (Click here to see other Quips & Quotes [last updated 7/7/11].)

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