Trials of Sunny's Indicators

To download the file, "Right-Click" and do a "Save As..." to your location,
remembering to change the "File Extension" to ".eld" instead of ".html".
I often get questions on QuoteLefthow to get the Password for these Trials.QuoteRight Here is the answer:



I would be happy to set up a 7 day trial for you. For any, or all, of my indicators.

With that comes a free lesson in how to successfully use it...on the phone with me.

All I need is your TradeStation or MultiCharts Customer ID and Network ID, and the Block Number if you have it.
You find those numbers in the Help – About area, on the top menu bar.

I do NOT want your Account Number, only your Customer Number.

If you have any questions, please call me at (760) 908-3070.



Here's what it looks like in TradeStation:


I prefer to have all 3 numbers, if you have them:

There are lots more indicators than listed here. Call me (760-908-3070) or fill out the Membership page and I'll share whatever you wish.