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There are no other mentors like Sunny Harris. Dr. Harris is a consumate mathematician who has been trading her own funds since 1981. In that time she has not only made all the mistakes and learned all the ropes, but she has invented successful techniques that master the markets, and has written 5 books to help others learn to trade. Sunny is a master mentor because she is not only an academic who develops strategies for herself and others, she is an actual trader who makes her living in the markets, and has since 1981. She is not just a teacher, she is also a doer.

The role of a mentor has long been identified as an esteemed educator or counselor who bestows his or her education and experience upon a worthy, aspiring student - often referred to as the novice, protege or mentee. The terms "tutor" or "coach" can be used synonymously with the term mentor, as those engaged in a mentoring relationship assume the roles of "tutor and student" or "coach and player" within their working relationship.

The role of today's Mentor has expanded and evolved from the apprenticeship role of days gone by. Technology has enabled us to alter the traditional method of Mentoring, allowing the workforce of the new millennium to tap the career advice of a Mentor from virtually anywhere in the world.


E-mentoring is an interactive relationship between a Mentor and Mentee through the use of the Internet, rather than traditional networking connections, such as a colleague at work. Experienced business professionals offer their talent and advice to those they council, based on matching data compiled from a Mentor and Mentee's professional profile. Once a workable profile is identified, a mentoring partnership is formed and the E-mentoring program begins, initiated and carried out through E-mail correspondence. An E-mentoring partnership can last from several months to several years, based on the mutual parties needs and aspirations.


The best way to be mentored by Sunny is to come to Southern California to work with her initially. It is best to plan to spend 2-4 days (usually over a long weekend) studying with her in person. It's exhausting and cram packed with information, but it's best to start out in person. Subsequently, you can work with her over the Internet through your own computer, connected to hers via software (CrossLoop, LogMeIn or TeamViewer), your telephone, and your computer's video camera (optional). She can direct your computer and show you what to do. These sessions are typically 1-2 hours in length and preferably occur 2 days each week. If you are energetic and "gung-ho" you can do 3 days a week, but that is really intense. If you can't come to California, then you can go right to the option of linking our computers together. Many students have done this successfully and are now full-time traders.

Sunny has mentored more than a hundred new traders (many who have been switching from brokerage to day-trading, or from trading for a firm to trading for themselves) and more than a thousand individuals in classroom settings. It typically takes 10-20 hours of instruction to "get it right." Less than that and you'll fly off straight into a serious losing streak, full of false self-confidence. Education is not expensive; lack of education is! A smart man learns from his own mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.


  1. If you are undecided about your trading career path. Consulting with a Mentor who is currently trading, or has traded within the field you are considering, is an excellent way to help you to determine if that path is right for you. Your e-mentor can provide you with an industry-wide perspective, and answers to such questions as, "What can I expect a typical day on the job to be like?"
  2. If you need advice or support. The outside perspective of a Mentor can be an invaluable resource in today's trading environment. An e-mentor's guidance can benefit anyone who is seeking new ideas or who wants to broaden their trading goals.
  3. If you are new to trading. The experience and guidance your Mentor can offer may help you to learn the ropes of the profession more quickly, elevate your level of success or develop new confidence and competence on the job.


Sunny would love to talk with you. Don't hesitate to call her on her cell-phone at (760) 908-3070, or on Skype at (760) 444-4174. It's fun to work together. You will be "blown away" at how much she knows and can teach you, and how incredible a teacher she is. She makes even the most diifficult concepts easy to grasp. You'll enjoy working together, both in person and over the Internet.