Consulting and Mentoring

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Sunny's Qualifications

SJHSunny Harris, BA, MS, PhD Mathematics, has been trading since 1981. She has used TradeStation and EasyLanguage and its predecessors (SystemWriter+) since 1986. After 30 years of working with computerized trading, TradeStation and EZL (EasyLanguage), she has become one of the very best at coding quickly, efficiently, and actually replicating your ideas. (Many of the "experts" out there will program something else for you and tell you they're done.) Yes, she's expensive; but, she's the best. You get more than you were expecting.  Uniquely, she is a real trader, not just an academic. She does so much more than code: she also knows whether the code will work (ie, make money). Dr. Harris is an excellent teacher, and can teach you in 2 days to become a proficient EZL programmer yourself.  In fact, within 2 hours she'll have you speaking basic EZL constructs. And, she makes it fun.

Sunny has written 5 books on trading and analyzing the stock markets.  They are readily available at or your local library.  In order of publication, they are "Trading 101--How to Trade Like a Pro," "Trading 102--Getting Down to Business," "Electronic Day Trading 101," "Getting Started in Trading," and "TradeStation Made Easy!"  If you can only buy one, get "Trading 102." It it the most pithy and filled with the details you need to start your own trading business.  If you can afford 2 books, also get "Getting Started..." which is a re-write of "Trading 101..." and is prerequisite to "Trading 102."

Sunny just recently finished the 5th book: "TradeStation Made Easy!" which should be the answer to the difficult manuals that are out there now. It's available through here.

And, now, Sunny is working on the ground-breaking "Grading the Gurus." In this book Harris is interviewing famous and infamous vendors of systems, strategies, courses, books and lectures, AND putting their systems through rigorous backtesting and analysis, all of which will be published in the book.

How I Can Help You

Sunny can assist you in your trading endeavors in several important ways:

Mentoring, listening to your ideas, evaluating them and making suggestions, helping you learn TradeStation, MetaStock, Genesis Navigator, MultiCharts, BestChoice, or a myriad of other programs quicker than you would on your own.Sunny's mentoring also brings in her 30+ years of trading experience to the picture, with her in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Over the years of her own personal trading, she's read over 700 books on trading and tried the concepts in them all.  She has helped more than 10,000 traders with designing their own systems, from individuals with $5000 to trade to highly placed institutional traders managing billions of dollars.  Sunny has seen it all! Wouldn't you rather know right up front if your idea holds promise, or is one she's already seen fail?

Do you REALLY want to learn to trade? Or are you just looking for a fast buck?

Consulting is available, either in person or over the phone, or over the internet.

  1. If you live in Southern California, you might want to take the short drive to Oceanside and meet in person. Finger pointing works best in person. We can draw pictures on charts and Sunny can program your ideas right in front of you, and at the same time teaching you what she's doing.  It's immensely valuable this way. Double for your money.
  2. Many people who don't live in So. Cal. take a couple of days off and fly to Oceanside to meet with Sunny in person.  It's well worth the trip.  One of Sunny's regular clients comes from South America to spend the day with Sunny.
  3. Combining phone and internet, we can almost work in person using CrossLoop, GoToMeeting or the LogMeIn program. It hooks our computers together (long-distance) and we look at the computer while talking on the phone about what I'm doing. It makes it very easy to exchange ideas and program without making the trip.

Sunny has worked with more than a thousand people this way, and they have generally become successful traders, still trading the markets.

Sunny's consulting can take several forms:

  1. She can listen to your ideas and your aspirations, and your needs and wants, and program indicators for you. 
  2. She can teach you how to program them for yourself. Or a combination of both.
  3. Or, you can work on your strategies and then compare them to Sunny's standard proprietary strategy and see if you might want to purchase a license to use Sunny's diehard trading strategy (SDMA Histo + Exits).  This is the system Sunny uses everyday, and has since 1986.
  4. Sunny can also help you put together your traders' business plan. You need this plan just like any other legitimate business. She can show you which books to read, and in which order. She can separate the shams from the scholars for you. She can help you decide which way to turn next.

And, if you want to buy TradeStation, or open an account with them:

I have my own special contact person there, who will give you special Sunny Harris consideration. His name is Brooks Killmeyer, and his number is (888) 223-9669 or (954) 652-7427 and his email is Tell him I sent you.