Seminar with Sunny Harris in Beautiful Carlsbad, CA

September 12-14, 2014 (Fri - Sun)

This one-of-a-kind half seminar, half workshop, in-person event. Click here to register your spot before the class is all filled up. I only accept 20 people.

Sunny Harris, author of "TradeStation Made Easy!" and four other books (click here) is a real trader, a sunny2 real programmer, and a PhD Mathematician. She has been trading for 33 years, and twice was rated #1 trader by Stark Research.

Sunny can answer your questions. Sunny has been around the block, trading many different kinds of instruments, on many different timeframes, and with many different trading systems (several of which she bought from vendors). She has read over 700 books on trading and programmed her own SunnyBands with which she trades every day.

Sunny will show you EXACTLY how she trades every day. And, if enough people request it, she will trade live with SunnyBands and tell you exactly what she is thinking on Friday.

hiltonThis event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Carlsbad Beach (right across the street from the beach.)
6450 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, California, 92011, USA 1-760-476-0800 


We won't cover all 70 topics in her curicculum listing, but we will take a vote on the first day to select the 20 consensus topics. Click here to see her complete curicculum. Start making your favorites list. One thing we will be sure to cover is Sunny's Ultimate-F compounding schema to turn any successful system into an exponential money making machine.

The first thing we will cover will be a quick overview of how to use the latest version of TradeStation, followed by a brief overview of EasyLanguage. (If the audience votes to cover these topics in more detail, we will do so.)

We will then devote more time to in-depth use of TradeStation and MultiCharts with respect to using it as a Trading Machine. Even if you have been using TradeStation for some time, there are still things Sunny can show you to make your trading life easier.

Note: we will not be covering programming with the EasyLanguage C++ language. That is better left to serious programmer types who like to design systems rather than trade. This semiinar is about trading for the number one goal: Making Money.

You may have tried other trading systems; you may have tried programming one (or several) on your own. You may have purchased systems from one or more of the many vendors out there.

But, it's not working for you. Maybe you have even given up on trading for a living as a lost cause.


There are no other mentors like Sunny Harris. Dr. Harris is a consumate mathematician who has been trading her own funds since 1981. In that time she has not only made all the mistakes and learned all the ropes, but she has invented successful techniques that master the markets, and has written 5 books to help others learn to trade. Sunny is a master mentor because she is not only an academic who develops strategies for herself and others, she is an actual trader who makes her living in the markets, and has since 1981. She is not just a teacher, she is also a doer.

The role of a mentor has long been identified as an esteemed educator or counselor who bestows his or her education and experience upon a worthy, aspiring student - often referred to as the novice, protege or mentee. The terms "tutor" or "coach" can be used synonymously with the term mentor, as those engaged in a mentoring relationship assume the roles of "tutor and student" or "coach and player" within their working relationship.

The role of today's Mentor has expanded and evolved from the apprenticeship role of days gone by. Technology has enabled us to alter the traditional method of Mentoring, allowing the workforce of the new millennium to tap the career advice of a Mentor from virtually anywhere in the world.


In this 3-day long event, half of each day will be devoted to working on your specific problems.  You will leave on Sunday with a working system.

There are only 20 seats available for this one-of-a-kind seminar to allow for personal interaction. Register Now (here and below) so you don't miss out.

From 8am until 12 noon, Sunny will lecture on topics all traders must know. It will go fast as Sunny has a lot to teach.

After lunch, she will conduct workshops in which she will personally work on solving your programming and conceptual issues. (If there are not enough issues to solve, Sunny will continue to lecture about trading, TradeStation, and EasyLanguage.)

Each attendee will receive an autographed copy of her "TradeStation Made Easy!" AND a copy of the brand new "Using EasyLanguage 9.x" edited by Sunny and written by Murray Ruggiero, William Brower and Arthur Putt. These books together make a complete beginning and intermediate course in programming EasyLanguage.

There aren't very many in-person seminars anymore. But, this one is special and needs personal attendance.

There is a reward for signing up early. The seminar retails for $2,995 for all 3 days. The late-comers price will be $3,495. The early-bird price will be $2,695. If you refer someone and they tell me you sent them, I will refund you $200 for each referral who attends.

At the event Sunny will be drawing names to give away three (3) of her proprietary indicators.


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