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Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide (TC&RG) is a monthly full-feature digital magazine covering trading strategies, systems, analysis and news and for equities, futures, options, mutual funds, FX and currency traders. Click here to learn more about TC&RG's features.

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Each month, TC&RG (Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide) Magazine brings you strategies, analysis, forecasts, opinions, news and trading resources for the equities, options, futures, and global forex markets. Among the features covered in every issue:

Trading strategies and systems
The best source for technical, fundamental and quantitative approaches of trading strategies and systems. We also focus on the all-important issues of risk control and money management.

Trading Strategy articles discuss both the why and the how - the logic behind a trading approach, not just the rules to execute it. Strategies are spelled out so you can research and test them yourself, with programming code for top analytical software platforms provided when applicable. If you can't program them, ask Sunny, she;ll help you.

Special strategy articles ("Currency Characteristics") statistically explore behavioral characteristics and tendencies in different currencies and the relationships between currencies and economic data. This type of analysis can provide excellent ideas for trading strategies and systems.

The "Long-Term Overview" section features articles with a more macro perspective, looking at the longer-term picture and analyzing the larger market relationships that provide the context for trading.

Articles give subjects in-depth treatment - clearly explaining key concepts and providing background information and detail often absent in other sources.

Analysis of real trades
Virtually all good traders agree that maintaining a log or diary of trades is one of the most valuable learning tools available to all traders - the best way to learn from our inevitable mistakes. Each month we dissect a trade, discussing the system, strategy or catalyst that triggered an entry. Risks are identified and defined. The trade's outcome is analyzed. Finally, we gauge how well the trade plan was executed and what lessons the trade imparted.

Interviews with top traders
Learn from the top traders, analysts and market movers in our exclusive interviews.

Trading system analysis.
Detailed historical testing and research is the best way to find out if a trading idea has merit. TC&RG includes rigorous historical back-testing of mechanical strategies, explores system design and provides complete analysis results.

Economic and industry news
Trading is global by nature, so keeping tabs on markets and economies around the world is a top priority for our traders. TC&RG will help stay abreast of the most important issues and events shaping the global economy, the US economic market and the trading industry.

Global Market Summary
This roundup of global equities, currencies, interest rate and stock index performance keeps the world markets at your fingertips each month. Markets are ranked by strength, liquidity and volatility. Also included are economic barometers such as international trade balance, GDP and employment numbers.

Reviews of Web sites, software and other technology and Books.
Look before you leap! Get the latest on trading software, Web sites, books and other educational material before you pay good money for them.

New products, services and industry events
Stay on top of the latest products and services geared to traders, as well as upcoming industry seminars and events.

Trading Calendar
Because you're watching more than one market, country and economy, the TC&RG Traders' Calendar lists upcoming economic report releases, government statistics and market holidays.

TC&RG is brought to you by the publishers of, the premier directory and resource of trading concepts, market analysis and the news for stock, futures, and options traders.