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Futures Magazine Futures Magazine, February 1997.  
Working for a Living
 by Sunny J. Harris

Employing common sense and a little math 
in system designing can improve everything 
from market selection to testing strategies.
Futures Magazine Futures Magazine, March 1997.  
Optimal Trading
by Sunny J. Harris. 

In a follow-up to last month's article on 
system design and testing, we focus on 
maximizing the benefits of taking an 
optimal-f-based approach to a 
moving average system.
Omega Magazine, Summer 1998.  
Nuggets of Profitability
by Sunny J. Harris.
Live at - Transcript
  • Testing, Testing 123

  • Excerpts from Trading 101-How to Trade Like a Pro

  • Excerpts from Trading 102-Getting Down to Business

  • Excerpts from Electronic Day Trading 101

  • Excerpts from TradeStation EasyLanguage Step-by-Step

  • Excerpts from Grading the Gurus


The following articles have appeared in previous issues of Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide.  Articles which are hyper-linked may be viewed in full. We're working to include the remainder here as well.

Note: we do not display the articles for the current issue of TC&RG, only for past issues.

  • #9 GXE Virtual Trading Screen Larry Jacobs Vol II, No 3
  • A Conversation with Sir John Templeton Richard Saxton Vol II, No 2
  • A Real Pain in the Debt Doug Sooley Vol II, No 3
  • All I Want for Christmas...Doug Sooley Vol I, No 9
  • The Average Trader (Adrienne Toghraie) Vol III, No 1
  • Back-up Strategies for the Automated Broker Jeff Multz Vol I, No 6
  • Best Kept Secret in the Trading World Is... Bill Williams Vol II, No 1
  • Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter John Bollinger Vol II, No 1
  • Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter John Bollinger Vol III, No 1
  • Brokerage Commission Comparison COMPARISON Vol I, No 7
  • Business Cycle Indicators by Media Logic SOFTWARE REVIEW Vol II, No 1
  • Computers and Trading: What Are We Missing? Dr. Van K. Tharp & Jay M. Williams Vol I, No 8
  • Confused About the Markets? Richard Saxton
  • CTA Operational Procedures (Part I) Michael Cogilianese Vol I, No 9
  • CTA Procedures Michael Cogilianese Vol II, No 1
  • CTA Profile: Murray Investment Company David Murray Vol II, No 3
  • CTAs: Beyond Performance (by Jon Sundt) Vol III, No 1
  • Deflation, Inflation & the K-Wave Bert Solomon Vol II, No 2
  • Deflation, Inflation & the K-Wave (Part 2)Bert Solomon Vol II, No 3
  • Dines Letter, The James Dines Vol I, No 7
  • Do the Japanese Commodity Fund Industry's Current Challenges Warrant its Prevailing Pessimism? (Michael A. Harkins) Vol I, No 8
  • Economic Insights Evelina M. Tainer Vol I, No 6
  • Elliott Wave Update (by Larry Katz) Vol III, No 1
  • Euro-Futures - Growing to Meet the Demands of a Global Economy Michael A. Harkins Vol I, No 7
  • Fading Tommy's Daddy Terry R. Davis Vol II, No 3
  • Fortucast: Commodity Market Timing Barry Rosen Vol II, No 3
  • From Adolescence to Adulthood, the Maturing of Part 4: A Summary and Analysis of the CFTC's Proposed Rules on CPO and CTA Disclosure Documents (Donald S. Weiss) Vol III, No 1
  • Futures Contracts Table COMPARISON Vol I, No 6
  • Gann's Law of Price Movement Applied to Today's Markets Greg Meadors Vol I, No 9
  • Gann's Law of Price Movement Applied to Today's Markets (Part 2)Greg Meadors Vol II, No 2
  • Goin' to Disneyland Doug Sooley Vol I, No 6
  • Gold's Lasting Appeal Ronald Ordakowski Vol II, No 2
  • Guru Mania - A Florida Feast Richard Saxton Vol II, No 3
  • Handheld Computers: the Latest Weapon for Traders (Bud DiMaggio & Elias Rosario) Vol II, No 2
  • How to Become a CTA (Michael Cogilianese) Vol I, No 7
  • How to Use the Fully-Funded Subset Method in Composite Tables for Partially Funded Accounts by Howard Friedman Vol II, No 2
  • Hussman Econometrics by John Hussman Vol I, No 8
  • I Want to Get Started ... What Do I Do? by Larry Williams Vol I, No 5
  • In the Trenches of the Investment Software Industry by Morgan Roberts  Vol V, No 1
  • Inner Game of Trading, The by Robert Koppel Vol I, No 8
  • Inside Trading by Larry Jacobs Vol I, No 5
  • Is America Prepared for Asia's Growing Managed Futures Presence? by Michael A. Harkins Vol I, No 9
  • Is It 1962 Again? by Tom & Sherman McClellan Vol II, No 3
  • Is Working at Your Computer Workstation a Big Pain? (Jebra Turner) Vol III, No 1
  • Ivory Coast Situation Stirs Concern Michael Speltz Vol I, No 7
  • Japanese Commodity Funds - Opportunities & Challenges by Michael Harkins Vol I, No 6
  • Japanese Commodity Markets from a Japanese Perspective by Naoya Abe Vol II, No 2
  • Learning Theory and Commodity Trading by Jake Bernstein Vol I, No 6
  • Looking Back & Looking Ahead by Bert Solomon Vol II, No 1
  • Lure, Lore of Gold by Ron Ordakowski Vol I, No 8
  • Managed Futures - A Global Investment Comes of Age Michael A. Harkins Vol II, No 1
  • Managed Futures - An Investment Tool of Global Proportions Michael A. Harkins Vol I, No 5
  • Managing Currencies - From a European Perspective Lord Cobbold Vol I, No 6
  • Managing Trading Risk - Cynthia Kase - Vol VII, No 1
  • Mandatory Compliance for NFA Members Michael Cogilianese Vol I, No 8
  • Market Systems Newsletter Greg Meadors Vol I, No 9
  • Need for Mourning, The Doug Sooley Vol I, No 7
  • NLP: A Prescription for Traders (Lee Ann Cox) Vol III, No 1
  • OEX Trader, The David C. Stendahl Vol I, No 9
  • OEX Trader, The David Stendahl Vol II, No 1
  • OEX Trader, The David Stendahl Vol II, No 3
  • Offshore Jurisdictions for Commodity Pools Bud DiMaggio Vol II, No 1
  • On Balance True Range (Thomas A. Bierovic) Vol III, No 1
  • On the Use of Stock Yields for Market Valuation (Dr. Madan L. Gupta) Vol III, No
  • Optimal R' or Optimizing for Profits without Optimizing the System Ron Jaenisch Vol II, No 3
  • Our Wounded Democracy - Can We Heal? Doug Sooley Vol II, No 2
  • P.W. Wall Forecast P.Q. Wall Vol I, No 3
  • Pat Answers Patricia Gillman Vol I, No 4
  • Pat Answers Patricia Gillman Vol II, No 1
  • Pat Answers Patricia Gillman Vol II, No 2
  • Pat Answers Patricia Gillman Vol II, No 3
  • Red Beans on the Tokyo Grain Exchange John Fletcher Vol I, No 5
  • Rewards for the Profitable Trader Richard Saxton Vol I, No 9
  • Richland Report, The Kennedy Gammage Vol I, No 2
  • Road Map Lester B. Crooks Vol I, No 4
  • Serious Investor's Tax Survival Guide, The Ted Tesser Vol I, No 7
  • Silver Knight Investment Management - A British CTA Targets an International Market  Michael A. Harkins Vol I, No 5
  • Software Features COMPARISON TABLE Vol I, No 5
  • Software vs. Data Vendors COMPARISON TABLE Vol I, No 9
  • Soybeans: Big South American Crop? Craig Solberg Vol I, No 9
  • Spread Trading Neal Weintraub Vol I, No 5
  • SuperHighway On-Ramps -- OnLine Services for Traders and Investors Vol III, No 1
  • Technical Analysis - by Sean M. Davis Vol VI, No 1
  • Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3...Sunny J. Harris Vol I, No 5
  • Tools of the Trade (Sunny J. Harris) Vol I, No 5
  • Top 10 Things to Remember in 1994 (Bert Solomon) Vol I, No 9
  • Towards a Spiritual Economy (Doug Sooley) Vol II, No 1
  • Tricks of the Trader (Neal Weintraub) Vol I, No 9
  • Volume & Open Interest in the TIFFE (Naoya Abe) Vol II, No 3
  • What Gold is Telling Us Now About Interest Rates & The Economy Bert Solomon Vol I, No 7
  • What the Stock market is Telling Us Now About Interest Rates Bert Solomon Vol I, No 8
  • Where to Find the Books You Need [COMPARISON] Vol II, No 1
  • Why Gold May Be Precious & Profitable( Richard Saxton) Vol II, No 1
  • Wolanchuk Report, The (Don Wolanchuk ) Vol I, No 5
  • Wolanchuk Report, The (Don Wolanchuk) Vol II, No 2
  • You Can Cash in on Chaos (Dr. Hans Hannula) Vol III, No 2



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