"TradeStation Made Easy!" Online Instruction Course Landing Page

Many readers of the TradeStation Made Easy! book have asked for online instruction. For those folks, I am creating an online version of the book, hereafter called TSME. Actually, it's not the whole book. It is only the EasyLanguage part. PLUS, I'm including extra sections and examples that apply only to this course, and are not in the book.

Why, you may ask, does it cost so much money when I can read the book for only $50? Answer: because you get personalized instruction and color pictures along with the course, for up to 13 sessions of 15-minutes each. Sunny will answer all your questions. If you don't need the personalized instruction, there is still no discount. Sorry.

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Table Of Contents for the Course (different from the book):

  1. Introduction to EasyLanguage
  2. Programming Conventions
  3. Basic EasyLanguage
  4. Statements
  5. IFs ANDs and BUTs
  6. Begin and End (Block Statements)
  7. Loops
  8. Buying and Selling
  9. Functions
  10. ShowMes
  11. PaintBars
  12. Filters and Alerts
  13. TradeStation Tricks
After each lesson, you are to call me (after we set up an appointment by email) so we can discuss any outstanding issues regarding that lesson. My skype number is (760) 444-4174. My cell number (in case Skype doesn't go through) is (760) 908-3070. Each call will be limited to 15-minutes, so get your list of questions ready.