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The world has gone crazy!! There are now lots of other Sunny Harris's on YouTube. Use this page to be sure you are getting my videos and not something you don't expect or want from some other impostor.
From time to time Sunny posts Instructional Videos of a How-To nature. Links are below. Newest Listings are On Bottom.


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These are the YouTube Presentations:

button NEW!! How to Receive, Save and Import Indicators from Sunny

button NEW!! Downloading & Installing TeamViewer (10/21/15)

button NEW!! All About Using SunnyBands

button What does the BingTicks indicator do? (11/10/14) Listen and watch.

button Some Days You Don't Win (10/5/14) Not all trading days are successful/profitable. Some days have losers.

button Successful Trading with Moving Averages (6/5/2014)

button Sunny Harris Showing How to Create and Use a 1-min and 5-min chart Overlay (04/09/14) with SunnyBands

button Sunny Harris demonstrates how to import ASCII data files into TradeStation. This is mentioned on page 5 of TSME ("TradeStation Made Easy!") (02/13/14)

button How to Use Sunny Harris Indicators - Lesson 1 (05/24/12)

button Sunny Harris Trading LIve EMini and Gold (05/17/12)

button TradeStation Spotlight On Sunny Harris (05/16/12)

button TradeStation Setup for Stu (lessons for a very novice trader) (07/15/11)

button How to Upload ASCII Data into TradeStation (DISdata)


Please note that any other references to anyone called by my name is not me.

I am not "Foxes Jumping", I am not "Finger Dislocation", I am not some teenager posting "HCKER HUNTs".

Thank you.

-The Real Sunny Harris


Who is Whom?

See if you can guess which of these is the Real Sunny Harris -- the Trader, Mathematician and Educator.

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Sunny Harris: Trader/Educator


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