"Solving the Puzzle™" - Online

Learn To Trade Systematically from an experienced trader 5 days a week, live via the Internet.

For only $2,995 the "Solving the Puzzle" Course will give you the tools you need to trade with certainty and confidence! We have watched thousands of traders trade – and designed this course to teach traders the simple, but highly effective trading principles that determines whether you strike gold or strike out. You choose your day and time for the week, and we will work directly on each others' computers, online, talking on the phone, using your software (or mine if you don't have any, yet) for one solid hour each day until 2 weeks are up. Or if you prefer, we can do one hour per week for 10 weeks.

What you learn

  • Read and analyze charts
  • Pick out trends to follow
  • Identify cycles and channels
  • Avoid whipsaw
  • Pick out better entry and exit points to maximize your profits and minimize risk.
  • Learn how to minimize your risk and maximize potential with Sunny's Ultimate-F scheme
  • Programming with TradeStation's EasyLanguage

How it works

The course includes 1-hour a day over a 10 session period (usually 2 sessions per week), of live interactive instruction with an experienced trader. Your own personal trading tutor whom you also have email access to as you go through your first month of trading. Not only is the instructor at your disposal throughout the day to answer questions and go over material.

  • Receive live interactive trading support
  • Practice trade with your software with an instructor "at your side"

For more detailed information on how Sunny Harris teaches this intense subject or to register for the course, please click on the following link: sunny@moneymentor.com and tell us just what your interest is.

Sunny has revolutionized the standards for online market research, testing and research methodology, and powerful methodical trading and she is happy to extend her services to you. If you have any questions, or want to enroll now, please feel free to contact me at (760) 908-3070.

"I am a veteran TradeStation programmer and trader.  I have been one of the beta  testers for Omega  Research since the beginning, before 1987.  I have been trading  since 1981.  I  am the author of  'Trading  101-How to Trade Like a Pro',  'Trading 102-Getting Down to Business', 'Electronic  Day  Trading  101,' 'Getting Started in Trading' and 'TradeStation Made Easy!'  Many people can program EasyLanguage;  not very many are also veteran traders.  I charge $495/hr for consulting, programming, teaching you to use EasyLanguage, helping you with your system, programming your system and offering general advice."

How many minutes does it take you to lose $495 trading in the stock market?  How many minutes is the wisdom of a veteran trader worth?

Give me a call during trading hours at 760-908-3070 if you would like to discuss your ideas.

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