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Market Commentary
Dow Jones Industrials (08/20/14):

(This chart is from TradeStation)

Last time I said: Almost ready to run back up. And if you will look at the chart above, you will see that the correction is over and upward progress is in order. I believe that the upward progress will continue to 17,299 where the 161.8% extension lies. Then I expect another slight correction.

Reading the SunnyBands: note first that the Gold DMA line is on top. That suggests we should only be considering Long trades. Next, note that price has dipped after touching the top SunnyBand and is now positioned right over the DMA midline. This tells me that price is now ready to bounce back up to the top SunnyBand.

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S&P 500 EMini (08/20/2014):

( This chart is from TradeStation.

EMini made a quick little correction on 7/25/14. The correction I told you last time I was expecting happened. It went right to my predicted value at the DMA midline.

Now it's time for a bounce off the DMA going back up to the Upper SunnyBand which lies at 1991.30. That should happen in the next few trading days.

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VantagePoint Predictions Back In Business

I had a hard drive crash and had to get a new drive and re-install everything. I lost a lot of data that was unfortunately not backed up. TradeShark is now back in business and I can post their beautiful predictions.


Here's how you read this chart: On the far right is a gray vertical stripe. In that stripe is currently a green candle that has higher highs and lower lows. This is the prediction for tomorrow.

So, you can expect to make trades long for higher highs, and short for lower lows.


RedLightGreenLight RadarScreen Indicator



Take a look at the mix of green longs and red shorts.

There are lots of green "Long" cells in the S&P 500 stocks, with very few red "Short" cells.The markets have been making corrections, but I believe that the correction is now over and we are ready for moves greater and higher.

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