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TradeStation or MultiCharts Indicators (software)

[Check back frequently: I'm busy converting my indicators to Genesis Navigator)
(click here to download documentation pdf file)

>>>[click here to see pictures of the indicators]

  • PHW for charting


    PHW for RadarScreen


    Sunny_Bands for charting


    Sunny_Bands for RadarScreen


    Dynamic Moving Average for charting


    Dynamic Moving Average for RadarScreen


    Dynamic Moving Average Histogram for charting


    Dynamic Moving Average Histogram for RadarScreen


    Pennant Finder for charting


    Pennant Finder for RadarScreen


    CPC Index for Charting


    RedLight-GreenLight for RadarScreen


    Optimizable Exits (sjh_Exits$)


    BUNDLED PRICE for all TS indicators



  • Available by custom design, for $6,995.
  • Ultimate-F Spreadsheet $2,995.

Click on the Picture Below to view pictures of all the indicators at work. For an explanation of all the different indicators, call Sunny at (760) 908-3070.

  • Private Consulting and Mentoring
    • Read More About It.  I show my clients how to trade. Not in theory and not on paper. But 'live' during the actual trading day!. This individual coaching costs less than my competitors' even though I coach one-on-one, while they teach in groups!
    • Click to see what my clients learn with me.  We study from this curriculum. And anything else that interests you.
    • The coaching can take place in my office, or over the Internet, by phone, or even at your home. It can be done full-time or part time.
      • $3,395 for 5 1-hour sessions over the phone, or
      • $695/hr, or
      • $6,400 for 10 hours (in person or via telephone netmeeting or webex)
    • Caveat Imptor: If you have an account with me, with a positive balance from some time in the past, it will be honored at the current consulting rate only until 12/31/2008. After that time all balances expire worthless and may not be redeemed. Any future balances created will be honored for a period of 12 months only from initial purchase.


    • TradeStation EasyLanguage programming from your ideas ... $695/hr  Includes back & forward testing for efficacy & profitability.
    • or, if you want straight coding with no input as to whether it will be profitable or not, and no back- or forward-testing... $125/hr. Let me know which you want.

Seminars &Workshops