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Indicators & Strategies

We provide a wide range of software programmed by Sunny for her own trading. She makes these unique products available to help others in their quest for profits. The software includes indicators that make trading smooth and easy, and strategies that can even be automated to provide hands-off trading. Click here for a full list, descriptions, sample charts and prices. BUY NOW.

Consulting Services

Sunny has been programming for others and teaching others to trade almost as long as she has been trading (42 years). Helping struggling novice & intermediate traders over the hurdles is a passion of hers. Sunny has won awards for her teaching and consulting, being #1 in several categories. Sunny can teach you how to use TradeStation, MultiCharts and EasyLanguage as well as MetaStock, TC2000, VantagePoint, and more so you don’t spend months struggling on your own. If you have a concept you want programmed, she can do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself. BUY NOW.  


Our Books page contains hundreds of links to books by Sunny, books she has read, books she recommends you read first, books for intermediate traders, and a Comprehensive Book List. And, you can buy books from Amazon right on the Books page. Click Here.

And, in the near future we will begin a Book Club, where Sunny lets you know what she is reading and you can join the club to discuss and evaluate the book of the month.    

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Charts & Resources

Right on the Home page of MoneyMentor you have access to up-to-date, 15-minute delayed charts of the Dow Jones 30 Industrials and the Standard & Poors 500 EMini. Courtesy of BigCharts.com. A chart of VantagePoint Artificial Intelligence prediction for the next week is also on the home page. Our Resources page provides a vast array of references from RGB color values to contract months and symbols, market hours, circuit breakers, candlestick patterns, a Forex calculator and much more. Click Here.

Accomplished Trader, Mathematician, Programmer & Author with Over 42 Years’ Experience in Investing and Trading

Sunny J. Harris has been trading since 1981. She is a computer programmer and Mathematician, having used TradeStation since the early SystemWriter™ and SuperCharts™ days in the 1980s. Besides TradeStation, Sunny has also used MetaStock, Genesis Navigator, NinjaTrader, TC2000, VantagePoint and MultiCharts (and more) in her own trading.

She published a monthly magazine called Traders Catalog & Resource Guide™ (TC&RG™) for 8 years, beginning in 1993, and was rated #1 Trader in the under $10 million category by Stark Research two years running, achieving a 365%  and 178% profit in two consecutive years. Sunny continues to trade real-time along with consulting and programming for clients and students.

Sunny’s first book, Trading 101 — How to Trade Like a Pro (released in July 1996) sold out within the first two weeks and continues to be a financial best-seller. Her second book, Trading 102 — Getting Down to Business, was released in October 1998 and also has achieved record sales. She subsequently wrote Electronic Day Trading 101 and Getting Started in Trading in 2000 and 2001 respectively. In 2011 she released TradeStation Made Easy! which still proves to be the number one resource for TradeStation® and EasyLanguage® and applies equally to MultiCharts® and its PowerLanguage®. She is currently working on the two volume, ground-breaking Virtual Education course called Solving the Puzzle™ (based on her world-renowned seminars) to be released in the Fall of 2021, which includes personal one-on-one training sessions with Sunny. 

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Chart Courtesy VantagePointSoftware.com. Watch our VantagePoint Learning Video and you'll see how easy and accurate it is! Look at our VP review.

Consulting & Mentoring Packages

Ask all the questions you want.

Have Sunny lead you down the paths to success. After 42+ years of trading and research, she's been through it all. "Nothing teaches better and faster than making mistakes—and I've made my share—and have had plenty of successes, too."  With that I have learned that EDUCATION IS MUCH CHEAPER THAN DRAWDOWN!

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Whether it’s virtual meetings, or in-person mentoring our prices are the same. The more hours you buy, the cheaper they get. Buy them and save them; they never expire; your price is locked in even though prices may increase. Click Here to Buy Now.

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