About Dr. Gina Maraio and our Clinic.

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Having been in the Alternative and Holistic medical practice since 1985, Maraio decided later in life to attend Medical School. She graduated as a Physician and Surgeon, with her Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) in 1998 and has been serving the community ever since.

Dr. Gina Maraio ("MAR-EYE-OH") is a dual board certified Family Practice D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy), and is also board certified in Hospice Medicine.

What is a D.O.?

D.O.s are Physicians who are fully educated and licensed to practice all aspects of medicine, including ER, OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, and surgery and all other specialties and subspecialties. DOs attend additional training beyond the traditional M.D. training, focusing on chiropractic techniques, spinal manipulation, and alternative therapies. They treat patients and prescribe medicine in offices and hospitals across the country and in the US armed services. They use all of the resources of modern medicine to prevent, detect, and treat disease, but they offer their patients something extra.

Osteopathic Physicians are specially trained to perform Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), a method in which they use their hands to diagnose and treat the patient, giving particular attention to joints, bones, muscles and nerves. OMT is employed to relieve pain and discomfort and, even more importantly, it assists your body's ability to heal itself.

To become a new patient of Dr. Maraio's, please call our office at (760) 480-2880.

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Dr. Maraio is Different

Please know that because she often spends 1 - 2 hours on the first visit and has 30 minute to 1 hour follow-ups, she books out well in advance--but it's well worth the wait if you want an intelligent, well-rounded and intense medical evaluation.

Dr. Maraio works in partnership with you toward an optimal life with genuine care and integrity.